Strategic Asphalt Solutions That Fit Your Needs
From Fortune 500 companies and International franchises to private individuals around the South Plains, Sweep and Stripe has been trusted to cater to the needs of each of our specific customers for over 30 years.  Our quality work and commitment to customer satisfaction allows us to provide an exceptional experience when it comes to installing, protecting and marking asphalt on the South Plains.  

Whether your project is a large commercial warehouse in need of striping, a small business who wants to protect the value of their property or a homeowner tired of having a driveway full of mud, Sweep and Stripe can meet your needs.

Your parking lot matters, ask your customers

Your parking lot not only impacts the value of your property, it serves as a window into your business. A parking surface that is managed and cared for speaks volumes of who you are as a business.   Do you appreciate detail and quality?  What type of customer service will I receive?  These are all questions a potential customer can have answered even before they walk through your doors.  Although it may not be representative of the truth, a poorly managed lot can portray something that you are not.  

Along with providing a great first impression for your customers, installing and maintaining a great parking or driving surface will ultimately protect the investment you have made in your property.  Regular attention to your asphalt surface is the most cost effective and productive way to ensure that it lasts over time.

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