About Us

Sweep & Stripe began in 1982 when the owner, Roy Loafman, began using a small striping machine for jobs on the weekend.  During the first few years work consisted of mostly striping along with small patch work.  Not long after entering the business full time he saw a demand for scheduled cleaning of commercial lots.   A vacuum sweeper was bought and nightly cleaning began on businesses and shopping centers around town.  The name of the business was a simple creation that lent itself to the services provided.  Today the company provides services for many of the same businesses that it did 1982 because of it's commitment to the core values of excellent quality and sound business practices.  

As time went on there was a natural progression into asphalt repair and maintenance.  The same lots that needed striping and cleaning also needed repair and preventive maintenance.  Asphalt work gradually increased as did the work and expertise of the owner who performed all the work.  The company continued operating like this throughout the 1980's and has since grown into a full scale asphalt construction and repair company.

Present day, Sweep & Stripe offers a full menu of asphalt solutions that include new asphalt installation, overlays, repair and preventive maintenance along with many other services that can be found under "Our Services".    While Sweep & Stripe has grown to provide many more services than it did in 1982, the values of hard work, excellent quality and honorable business practices remain the center of the business. 

Yes! Sweep & Stripe still continues to provide sweeping and striping of the highest quality, just like 30 years ago!
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